• Strategic planning, visioning, road mapping

  • Creative facilitation, and meeting design

  • Team development and community engagement processes

  • Executive and leadership transitions

  • Communications, storytelling, content development

  • Cultural programming

  • Graphic recording


  • Working in the cultural sector as Producer, Performer and Creative Placemaker;

  • Dynamic experience in organization development, engaging a broad range of leaders and communities in improving infrastructure, operations, financial health, and programming;

  • Engaging teams and communities through facilitation;

  • Certified Executive Transitions Management Practitioner, providing executive transitions and search services


  • Knowledge of organizational theory and practices, assessment, group dynamics and facilitation techniques.

  • Delivering creative, innovative ideas and strategies.

  • Breaking “big picture” ideas into manageable next steps.

  • Building strong and productive working relationships.

  • Focusing on results-based solutions.

  • Collaborating with colleagues to achieve set goals.

Email: jess [at] artinpraxis [dot] org.